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Taralyn Books Schools' Publishing - Publishing Services for schools

Are you looking for affordable publishing for your school? Here at Taralyn Books, we can do that, providing you with a day with Gareth, Vicky Kuhn if needed, and 120 books for as little as £299.

Why should your school publish?
The answer is simple. It will give your children a desire and purpose to write, raising motivation, aspiration, and, when the book is complete and in their hands, pride.

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Abbey Hill Success Story

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Poetry Books - Children create their own poems with warm-up activities and guidance from Gareth. We recommend that additional time is spent with the class teacher after the visit in order to create a final, finished piece that you can all be really proud of.

Poetry Themes include:
There’s a “Monster” Under my Bed – “monster” can be swapped to match a school topic

Monarch for a Day - what would you do if you were in charge?

Super Me - Poems about what makes us special 
Special events – Christmas, other festivals, school anniversary


Tall Tales
Why not write stories with a word limit, ensuring every child has their own page and their own chance to shine. Gareth can help children develop story ideas through drama activities, leaving staff to plan, write and improve. You could turn this into a long-term proj
ect with additional visits from Gareth, taking you through the whole writing process. 


Leavers' Books

A book of memories from school, which children can then use to collect their peer's signatures. We would highly recommend adding Vicky to this package, to get some great cartoons of the children (and staff).


Aspiration/Time Capsule Books

Get your children to think about their future. What do they want to achieve? What do they want it to look like?

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What do we offer?

Your children will not only get to work with an author (and/or illustrator) but have the pride and knowledge their work is out there for others to buy on Amazon giving them the real-life purpose to plan, write, improve and complete a final piece.

Why publish with Taralyn Books Schools’ Publishing?
Simply put, you get an author visit as part of the package. Gareth also knows how to motivate and enthuse children and staff and help you to get the best of the experience. Staff can also be guided on where to go next once the visit is over. Equally importantly, Gareth has no additional overheads, no middlemen, and can use Amazon to publish and print your book at an affordable cost to your school and therefore your children’s parents/carers.

What will you need to do?

(and other questions answered)

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