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Workshops Offered

Gareth offers a wide range of workshops. Some are more suitable for some age groups than others, but often they can be adapted to fit the year group you have in mind. Some can also be moulded to fit a theme that you are following. For your convience, they have been groups below but if you have any questions or requests, please feel free to ask.

EYFS Workshops


You've never heard The Gingerbread Man until you've heard Gareth tell it. Prepare for actions, singing, and for your children (and staff) to be mesmerised.

Other stories and activities are available


KS1 Workshops

Gareth offers a range of workshops, may of which are based around his books.


In My Best Friend (linked to Star Friend) he invites the children to consider what makes a good friend. Or how about creating your own Superhero Animal, thinking about what's special about that animal and turning it into a superpower. Linked to Super Rabbit.

Why not give Gareth The Story Challenge and watch him tell a story on the spot from a range of objects.


KS2 Workshops


Explore the characters of Moggy on a Mission in Secret Agent Species and then create your own, thinking about what makes your chosen animal special and how that could help them.


In Welcome to Kinmara, create your own race, considering what makes them special and unique. Based on Kinmaran Chronicles. Or, discover the power of using maps to generate story ideas in Island of Secrets.

Artefacts of Power, the children create magical objects that grant their user powers granted by the ancient Greek gods. Linked to Time GuardiansAlso linked to Greek mythology, is Pawn of the Gods, a preplanned, action-packed hero myth with options for children to persoanise it and make it their own.

In Tall Tales, the children work as a team to create their own story and then perform it, becoming storytellers.

Why not give Gareth The Story Challenge and watch him tell a story on the spot from a range of objects.


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