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Fun Facts About Gareth

Gareth Baker

This is the exact moment Gareth thought of the idea for Star Friend. He was on a steam train by Lake Windermere.


Gareth thinks he's one of the luckiest people alive. Every day he gets to wake up, create new worlds and characters, or work with children in schools. 
He's not always been a novelist (he was a teacher for 20 years) but stories have always been an important part of his life, both at work and play. When he decided to leave teaching in 2014, starting up his own publishing house seemed the perfect thing to do.
Gareth's journey began 40 years ago. His father was a shepherd so he grew up in the middle of nowhere on a farm. Living in the country gave him the freedom to disappear into fields and barns for hours, re-enacting battles and heroic rescues as well as creating his own. And thanks to films like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Superman and The Three Musketeers - which he watched over and over again -  he had plenty of ideas. Those films also left him fascinated with heroes and their path of discovery and greatness. Most of his stories are about action, adventure and heroes. 
Today, he lives in a world of his own (just ask anyone who knows him), along with his family, superhero comics, books, films and computer games. He likes to deliberately say words wrong, play the violin and play Singstar. He wishes he could draw. He looks forward to sharing his next story with you soon.


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