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What will you need to do?

We know this looks like a lot to do, but DON'T panic! Hopefully, this FAQ will answer all your questions. We want this to be as easy as possible for everyone involved and don't wish to give your staff extra work to do. If you have any extra questions or are unsure about anything, feel free to ask.

Will we have a finished piece of work at the end of Gareth's visit?


In most cases, no. But even if you do, you may wish to revisit it, polish it and make it the best piece of work that a child can produce.

Can the work be decorated/coloured?

Unless you are going for a colour printing option, we highly recommend that work is left black and white, preferably written in black ink, though pencil works fine. Please avoid frames or drawing a box for children to write/draw in, as it can complicate matters later if the child crosses the lines.

Does typed or handwritten work look best?

It depends on what you want to achieve. Typed work looks more professional, but written work has the cute factor. Please see the examples to the side.

What format should the work be saved in?

Here you have two choices. Written work can be saved as a Word document. If the whole class can be in one Word file, that would be ideal, but not essential. Can all work have the child's name clearly on it. If the work is handwritten, or it is artwork, these need to be scanned and saved as JPGs. Most modern photocopiers can do this. Please ensure the whole piece of work is visible and none of it has been "cut off" by the scanner edge. If the child's name is not clearly visible on the work, or they are not having their name included for GDPR/safeguarding issues, please call the file their name.

What about GDPR/safeguarding?

Every school and authority has its own rules and guidelines. Please follow these before giving TBSP any work. Typically schools use only first names inside the book and only miss out a name if necessary. The school name is usually included in the title, but this can be omitted with prior agreement if you feel this will be an issue. 

The book will be published and available to the public via Amazon. If this is an issue, a different printer can be found, but at an additional cost.

How do I get the work to Gareth?

Using cloud storage i.e OneDrive is the most effective, especially if JPGs are being used. Sometimes there can be permission problems, so it's best to check it works for both parties before uploading work. Please create a folder for each class to help things stay organised and easy to find. Typically, Gareth and Vicky will download this work onto their own PC. This will be deleted at the end of the project. If this is an issue, please speak to them about it.

Everything has been scanned and sent to Gareth, can I let the children have their original work back?

No. Please keep everything until the whole project is completed.

Whose responsibility is it to make sure every child is included and not been missed out when the book has been put together?

Yours. We will send a PDF of the book for you to check with staff that all children are included. A printed proof will also be sent.

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