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More Virtual Workshop Ideas

Session Details


Each session will last approximately 45 minutes and will begin with a 10 minute introduction as to who I am and any books that are linked to the session.


Storytelling – Aimed at EYFS and Y1

Choose from The Gingerbread Man or The Three Little Pigs.

This session will last approximately 20 minutes, so you could have this twice. There will be no 10 minute intro for this session.


Super Rabbit Art Master Class – Aimed at Y1-Y3 (only because of the content of the book)

Learn the secrets of using simple shapes to draw almost any superhero animal. Create powers that are related to your creature as well as a cool name.


The Idea Challenge: Can you beat Gareth? – Suitable for both KS1 and KS2

Find out about where ideas for stories come from and then create your own using a range of strange and usual objects to fire the imagination.


What’s in a Name? – Aimed at Y4-6

Choosing a name for your character is really important. Find out how I choose the names for my characters and then have a go for yourself until you end up with a character ready to put in a story.

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