About Vicky

Hi! My name is Vicky and I am a graduate of the University of Lincoln. Preferring to work with traditional media, I create images tailored to the younger audience in watercolour, acrylic, coloured pencil and digital illustration. I also enjoy creating print patterns and illustrations for greetings cards.


Super Rabbit and Super Rabbit: The Colouring Book are my first book with Gareth, and we have plans to do more. I have also drawn the covers for Brackenbelly as well as some ilustrations


I’m always inspired by new amazing illustration by a variety of artists including Shirley Hughes, Benji Davis and Helen Oxenbury as well as the whimsical work of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. My work reflects my inspiration and is largely based around the themes of nature, wildlife and childhood, influenced by my own personal experiences.


When I’m not doodling away I am a huge movie fan and love any chance to escape to the cinema for a day. But don’t ask me my favourite film, I can just never decide! I am also a big animal lover, particularly of the dog kind, and enjoy nothing more than a long walk in the countryside with my dog Alfie, taking in the beauty of nature and finding my next inspiration for a new illustration.


Why not visit my website vickykuhn.com  (This website contains adverts) 

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