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What will we do?

Gareth will spend a full day in school supporting your children and staff to create their writing. He will focus on the creative aspects, lighting your children's imaginations and helping them to generate ideas. In some cases i.e. poetry, Gareth will actively help with the writing process. For longer pieces, such as stories, the bulk of the writing will be carried out in class and supported by staff once Gareth has gone. Gareth CAN have a more active role, but this will require additional days.

We will take the children's work (see What will we need to do? below) and then create it into a Print-Ready PDF. The children's work can be handwritten or typed, depending on what the school wants to achieve. Typically, Gareth will not edit this work and set out the work in the most cost-effective, yet eye-pleasing way possible.

Once the PDF has been approved by the school, two proof copies of the book will be ordered, one for Gareth and one for the school. This will be used for the final approval. Additional proofs may need to be ordered.

If hired, Vicky Kuhn will design a cover for the book, using the school logo (unless you do not desire it) and any other design elements that go with the topic of the book. If she is hired to work with the children, she will choose some of the pictures the children draw, colour them and use them as part of the cover.

Once all parties are happy with the book (and payment is received if books are ordered), the stock will be ordered. If local, Garth will bring the books to you. If not, stock will be delivered directly to the school. 

What will you need to do?

(and other questions answered)

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