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Patron of Reading

As well as an author, Gareth is the Patron of Reading for several schools across the East Midlands.


What is a Patron of Reading (PoR)?


"A Patron of Reading is a school's special, designated children's author with whom the school forms a personal attachment. The patron might be an author, a poet, a storyteller or an illustrator. Tenure lasts for a minimum of a year, but the exact length is decided mutually between the school and patron." 



PoR is not a government-led initiative and has its foundation in the promotion of reading for pleasure.


First mooted by headteacher Tim Redgrave, the idea of having a PoR is to bring another exciting dimension to the school’s quest to create a buzz about books and reading. Everything the patron does is related to helping encourage and develop a reading for pleasure culture in the school: book quizzes, blogs, book recommendations, discussions, plays, poetry bashes, blogs, book trailers and visits. The possibilities are virtually endless.

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Patron of Reading Testimonials

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