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Tombs of the Kings

In the book Time Guardians: The Minotaur's Eclipse, the main character, Theo, is on holiday in Paphos, Cyprus. While staying there he visits The Tombs of the Kings. This is a real place - and Gareth's been there. Check out these pictures. 

This is the view from ground level down into the tomb which Gareth used to help him imagine Tomb 6b. 


Theo wants to abseil down into it. but he's afraid of heights.

These columns might come in handy if they were needed in an action scene.

While in the tombs, Theo images the bodies that would have been buried on the shelves that are carved straight into the rock. These shelves are also carved into the ground (above). Theo falls into one.

Why not watch this video of Gareth's visit to Knossos

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