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All our packages include:

  • At least one full day with Gareth

  • The layout, design of the book, and then the creation of several "proofs" of the book for you to approve.


Optional extras include:

  • A custom cover by Vicky Kuhn £150

  • A day or days with Vicky starting at £300 for day one

  • Full-colour printing

  • Editing

  • Cosmetic improvements i.e. fonts and decorations


Our experience has shown that Gareth can realistically work with four classes a day and have designed our packages to reflex this. You may also choose for Gareth to work exclusively with one or more classes to a create a book of short stories. 


1 Day Visit (plus at least one day creating the book) - 4 classes/120 children

Fee – £500


2 Day Visit (plus at least two days creating the book) - 8 classes/240 children

Fee – £999 (inclusive of a Vicky cover, which can be opted out of).


3 Day Visit (plus at least three days creating the book) - 12 classes/360 children

Fee – £1399 (inclusive of a Vicky cover, which can be opted out of).

Books are then purchased on top of this. We recommend an ordering process so you can get exactly what you need and have the money upfront in order to pay for the printing.

A 120 page book costs approximately £3 each (correct April 2024).

The book typically will have the price of £6.99 on it, allowing you to sell it at whatever price you like. For example, if you sold the book at £5 and you sold 120 copies you would recoup £300 of the cost of making the 4 class book. Selling the book at £6.99, would leave you with almost £100 profit (ideal if you PTA/Friends Association funds the project).

FHAL logo.jpg

Example of a customised school logo by Vicky Kuhn

school logo.png
Front cover.jpg
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