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Optional Extras

Vicky Kuhn

Why not have illustrator Vicky Kuhn in for the day to create illustrations to accompany the children's written work? Vicky can also work with completely different classes to Gareth, but this may push the book price up as you may wish to add more pages.

Vicky’s additional fee are:

  • 1 day £300

  • 2 days £500

  • 3 days £600

Additional Book Covers

You may wish to split your books into year bands. If you do, you’ll need addition cover art by Vicky. £100 for a second cover, £75 for a third.


At Taralyn Books Schools' Publishing, we do not generally speaking edit work (see What will you need to do? section). Editing services can be offered the exact nature of which to be discussed and agreed, £100-300 depending on depth and number of children.

Other Options

Extended projects with a more long-term goal are available i.e. longer pieces of writing with one or more classes.

Patron of Reading discounts are available.

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